“we did not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children”

The Native American Proverb above resonated instantly with me. If we as adults don’t start making changes, then what are we leaving for our children and the generations thereafter. When I had my daughter I wasn’t aware of the benefits of organic fabrics. I didn’t really have to buy many clothes with such generous friends and family, and my daughter didn’t have any problems with baby eczema or allergies.
I discovered though, that the beauty of organic fabric (although a perfect choice for a baby with eczema), is that it is simply the better fabric choice for babies.  Who wants their baby’s thin, delicate skin absorbing toxins?
But what about that perception that it must be expensive if it’s that good or who can keep up with all the different sizing that’s used on baby clothes? Bamboo and organic cotton clothing is more accessible and affordable as ever. You DON’T have to pay a fortune on a garment that bubs will grow out of in a blink of an eye. Like everything there is a really cheap version, an affordable high-quality version and an expensive high-quality version.
We proudly sit in the middle.


I search high & low for products that are as close to 100% organic as possible.  If I can’t find what I want, I get them handmade by other like-minded small businesses. This also gives me access to exclusive & limited edition products. Some items, like socks & some onesies, need an elastic component however, it is a small percentage.



I love excellent customer service and easy and secure online shopping.  And when I receive my personal orders that meet and exceed my expectations – it’s a great feeling. I want you to feel great too.

I spent many years at my first job with an airline. I lived and breathed customer service.



Don’t like paying for shipping multiple times or dragging the kids around the shops? Neither do I! I have tried to make your shopping experience worthwhile, most of the bases are covered, saving you time & money. When you think about the cost of fuel, looking for a car park, and getting the kids some lunch, our attractive flat rate postage charge is well worth saving your sanity for!



I purchased toys & clothing for my newborn, & the products were beautiful & made to last. Service & delivery was personalised & prompt. I highly recommend Bamboo Lulu to parents looking for chemical-free & ethically made clothes & toys for their precious bubs.” – Michelle S. New Mum of 1.

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About Us

Located in Melbourne, Australia, Bamboo Lulu is owned by a mum of a beautiful, bubbly little girl. We are just trying to do our bit, offering affordable organic baby wear and gifts. Safe for baby and great for the environment. Lucy reminds me to never give up. After many years trying to conceive, I was blessed with my little Lulu on my tenth IVF attempt. I was finally able to complete my often taxing IVF journey with two precious words “she’s perfect”.

Bamboo Lulu supports other small biz and community organisations.